About us

T3 is a team of developers and technical experts who specialize on website development and maintenance and other web solutions on TYPO3 CMS. We have been doing it successfully for more than 5 years and we have 12 years of experience in web development.

We are a kind of unique organization within Ukraine which provides full website development, maintenance and support service on TYPO3.

Sites on hosting


  • Turnkey website development on TYPO3;
  • Website development of any type;
  • Default responsive web design;
  • Creation of websites with foreign language versions, professional translation;
  • Publish initial material or transfer it from the old website;
  • Formal contract and statement of work;
  • Non-disclosure agreement of confidential customer information;
  • Different payment methods;

Your website on TYPO3

TYPO3 is no doubt the best professional and free CMS. Due to its almost unlimited capabilities CMS TYPO3 is highly popular within specialists developing corporate and professional websites which are facing challenging tasks and requirements.

TYPO3 is a website control management system in many financial, industrial and corporate organisations in the world. This system advantage is in reliability, safety and flexibility of settings and access rights.

If you need a reliable website of corporate-level, an appropriate security level, flexible access to information and pages with easy methods of adding information by your employees, than website on TYPO3 CMS will suit your requirements the best.

  • Update of any old TYPO3 version;
  • Update of apps or replacement with alternative;
  • Update and change of TYPO3;
  • No looses in website style and content;
  • Setting up extra options and apps;
  • Setting up extra features or new sections;
  • Make responsive web design for mobile devices;
  • Free futher updates within installed version untill the end of support;
  • Merging websites into one configuraton;

Update your website TYPO3 version

Your website has old TYPO3 version? We will update your CMS to the current version regardless of old CMS TYPO3 version. We will update the applications, correct TypoScript code if it is neccessary, make a re-design and add responsive website design.

  • Transfer of any dynamic or static websites;
  • Transfer without loss of design;
  • Transfer without loss of content;
  • Getting extra standard features;
  • Merging into one configuration several websites at once;

Transfer your website to TYPO3

Yes, you may get your website but on the CMS TYPO3.

You do not risk to lose neither your website design nor its content, and you will get all benefits of CMS TYPO3.

If you have multiple websites, we will transfer them to TYPO3 and join under one management system.

  • Responsive web design for any screen
  • Additional features for easy mobile website navigation

Your website on mobile devices

The number of users visiting your website from mobile device increases every year, so this option is obligatory for all websites that we develop from scratch.

You may order this option separately for your website on TYPO3, if it is not ready to display information properly on mobile devices or tablets.

  • Individual development and engeneering of sepatare parts of your website;
  • Development of e-commerce websites on TYPO3;
  • Development of online offices and CRM on TYPO3;
  • Development of corporate and commercial solutions;

We bring to life our clients ideas and projects

The abilities of modern web technologies in pair with CMS TYPO3 enable to create really powerful solutions that can be applied in variety of areas.
Our experience and already existing developments allow us bring to life your ideas and projects.
  • Development of individual design;
  • Adjustment of pre-made template;

Good technical website needs to have a good design

Every website needs to be tailor-made and has to meet customers requirements and tastes. We are ready to offer a development of tailor-made design or adjust any template.

  • Ready-to-use online courses;
  • Remote learning;
  • Arrange conferences for companies' employees;
  • We advise during the whole service period;
  • User-friendly and simple interface for the work with website;
  • We are always online;

Our support and assistance

We do not have a limit for support, testing or advising. You can always rely on us and request for assistance regardless of when your website was developed. We may conduct learning remotely and if it is possible we give it in-home.


Website maintenance

Спеціальний хостинг у власному дата-центрі для сайтів на базі CMS TYPO3

  • Only on SSD disks;
  • From 2 GB disk space for the website;
  • From 256 MB PHP memory limit;
  • From 2 cores X 4 GHz for one website;
  • All required components for TYPO3;
  • Backup to remote server;
  • Personal manager for questions and assistance;
  • Without templates: individual setup for every client;
  • Free hosting upon transfer to us: you do not pay for domain hosting upon transfer for the period pre-paid to another hoster;

Our hosting is TYPO3

We are ready to offer technological advantages and free transfer of your website which works on TYPO3 to our hosting.

Besides hosting, you get a personal manager who is ready to help you in case of any questions and to do all the work related to hosting and website transfer

In case of website transfer, you do not pay for the period pre-paid to the previous hoster.

  • Domain registration in any zone;
  • Selection of the right domain;
  • Search for already in use domains;
  • Registration on gov.ua and edu.ua;
  • Creating unlimited amount of subdomains;
  • We do not disable websites if you didn't pay for domain in time;
  • Easy domain transfer: we do not create "obstacles" if you decide to take domain to another registrar;

Getting domain

Our specialists are always ready to register free and the right domain for you in any time zone. If you have hesitations which to choose, we will help to pick one basing on your needs.

  • Unlimited number of mailboxes;
  • Mailbox size starts from 2 GB;
  • Mailbox size is not limited with hosting disk space;
  • POP3, IMAP and SMTP;
  • Antivirus and antispam;
  • Filters, autoresponder and automatic email collector from other mailboxes;
  • Great number of additional features;
  • Remote setup;

Corporate email

Get extra corporate email with the right amount of mailboxes and size which is not limited with hosting space;

Besides the required features and advantages, we will transfer letters from old mailbox and setup email and functions on your work computers remotely.

  • SSL certificates of any type;
  • Control and protection from password sniffing;
  • SMS authentification and reporting;

Security and protection of personal data and information

We are always ready to provide you with SSL certificate of required type from secure certification centers.

Mandatory secure connection while working with web site and editing its content, control of failed login attempts to the website's CMS.

  • Free TYPO3 update within version and until the end of support;
  • Rapid update of important changes;
  • Applications and TypoScript update;

TYPO3 update for our clients

If your web site was created or updated by our developers, you can count on further update of TYPO3 for your web site within the installed version untill the end of its support. This option is free for clients using our hosting